Change can be Good

I look back and see all that God has done in these 23 years of my life and I am awe-inspired. He has lived up to His every promise.

8 years ago we settled here in Texas after moving from Colorado. He established me here, and watered me in all the truths of his word. I became a woman on this soil, and now this woman has to move back.

But not on my own strength.

Sometimes I look back on this chapter and I wonder what things could have been or what they should have been. I experience grief over what I cannot change. But then I remember that I am a new creation in Christ. The old has passed away and the new has come.

And to be honest. I cannot wait for what all the newness entails.

Hello Colorado.

The Suicidal Mind

I’ve hesitated to touch on this taboo and extremely delicate topic from the time I launched this blog. With all the riots and history taking place on what is practically our front lawns, it has occurred to me that I too want to become more vocal about my burden for humanity

We are broken, and certain matters have been slipped under the rug that should remain there no longer.

However the conflict arises: How do I address something so multifaceted and delicate? Something that each person who experiences it experiences differently? Something that is the cause of so much grief horror and confusion! How do I even address suicide?

At 23 years old and an full of experience with suicidal ideation and attempts, I believe that my current expertise lies in revealing what goes on in the mind of someone suicidal, and how to reply to cries for help. It is all the help I can offer to this point.

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