Filling Our Cups-Podcast Attached

Just a few days ago, I found myself right back in in-patient at Methodist Hospital’s psychiatric unit because of a mental relapse. It was was a bit overdue speaking in terms of keeping with my previous trends. Depression, rooted in the deep shock of the times, mixed with the chaos of inherited genes, overcame me like a tidal wave halting even the most stable of boats overboard, and I found myself suicidal. I could hardly resist the impulse. So in an effort to save my own life, I turned myself in.

I’m only cutting to the chase, and diving deep in so quickly because yesterday (my last day in the hospital), I wound up in an art therapy session where the assignment was to shade in a template of a cup. Upon shading it in, we patients were to write in bold colors things that would aid in our “healing and recovery” process as it is referred to in the hospital. It was in doing this exercise that I realize how vitally important it is that daily we “fill our cups.”

What does filling our cups mean?

Filling our cups simply means that we are nurturing and tending to each part of our beings (mind, body, and soul). It is so important that we immerse ourselves in truth and positivity, so that we may be grounded with the reality of the way things are.

What is the reality?

We can fill our cups and meet the needs of each part of our being best by drawing near to Christ, who is our reality. Yes, Christ is our reality. He is the only one who knows how to fulfill us and properly nourish us. He is the word and he is life!

I am—starting today going to increasingly incorporate more “cup filling” into my life by taking moments to nurture myself. Sometimes that will look like taking a stroll in nature to enjoy God’s beautiful creation. Sometimes it will look like simply having an ice cream cone, because sometimes, I just need a reward. Other times, that will look like inhaling Christ. Really it will be inhaling Christ, no matter what I do, but there will be moments when that is especially at the forefront of my mind and really nothing else. In those moments it will be an agenda, and will be an offering of consecration to Christ of this temple which is already his own, so that I can savor sweet fellowship with him.

Please, take this time to fill your own cup!! That can look totally different for you, than it looks for me.

The Podcast (👇🏾Link below 👇🏾) walks you slowly through an exercise of filling your cup. Play it as many times as you need, and think about what filling your cup needs to look like in your life in order for you to develop a more sacred, nurturing environment with Christ.

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Positive Self-Talk

Take a moment to reflect: How many times per day do you criticize yourself, whether it is in regards to your physical attributes, your personality traits, or your overall performance in you various fields of endeavor such, as school, work or ministry? Now think of how many times you stop to praise yourself–to simply appreciate how far you’ve come, or whatever growth you’ve experienced?

Positive self-talk shapes our outlook on our life as it is in it’s present condition, and affects where it is headed. Remember the story of the little engine who could? His engine broke down and he still had a steep mountain to conquer, but didn’t find that he was able to do so until he told himself repeatedly: “I think I can, I think I can.”
What is something positive about yourself and your life’s value and direction that you are afraid to believe? Guess what!? “I think you can”, change your mentality. You’re not the kind to give up! You’re full of hope because “love always hopes (1 Cor. 13:)” and are secure in the promise that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14). You’re breaking chains in your life. So right now as you are reading this, find three things to shame the enemy by naming that you are doing well!!



Thank you for taking that moment to reflect with me. High-five girl! If you were not able to find that third thing, I just encourage you to let go of your pride girlfriend and name it, even if it’s just that you skipped indulging in that one sliver of cake today! That counts! It matters! You made a good choice and God is proud of you!


As adults we acknowledge the responsibility that we have to continually make good decisions, but forget tend to the little child inside who cries for praise. He needs to know he’s done enough. I’m here to tell you have done enough. Not because I want you to become complacent and stop setting goals or lower standards, but because I feel like knowing you’ve done well will be the factor that drives you to keep you doing well!

The saying goes ” work-hard, play hard”’but I know that I personally find myself working hard and then asking myself why I’m not working harder? Wow! I’m not even sure where that comes from…I will openly confess that I have a fear of not being productive, but all my productivity is typically followed by an abrupt crash, and I find myself sick, depressed and so physically weak that I can barely walk to my kitchen for a glass of water! I kid you not! This is real. I know that I’m not alone in this because a couple of people in my circle have mentioned to me that you can work yourself so hard that you become physically ill. I quickly learned that the remedy to certain things I was battling was rest. I needed to be still and acknowledge God, my mere existence, and be grateful for what he has provided the energy and strength for me to do. Beyond that lies a deep sea of trust and surrender. There nothing left to do.

Accomplishments and Self-worth

I know that it is socially acceptable to be insecure about your appearance and performance. To say things like “I look good”, or “I’m proud of myself” are nearly unheard of because we cannot find the line between just being overall proud of ourselves and being conceited. I think that conceit is simply self-obsession, however an overall positive view of oneself is healthy. Instead of leading you into the rabbit-hole of conceit and self-obsession it results in a jubilant lively spirit that is ready to encourage others. That sounds like Christ to me. I think that someone who sees the best in themselves, inevitably sees the best in others and adds some seasoning to the world. That kind of person is a light in the darkness of this society that prides itself around the two extremes of vanity and self-loathing.

Okay now, I’ll get off my soapbox. I know that by now I’m practically drowning you in reasons why it is important to talk to yourself a certain way, but that is because I believe in your transformation and my transformation and I know that we can do this! I know that we can change the way we think.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable will of God.” Romans 12:2 NKJV.

As you immerse yourself in the truths of God’s word and speak life over your life, you will realize how beautiful and perfect you already are. Thank you for taking that one step forward with me today to be positive!!

With Grace,