This is the most important aspect of your home. These recommendations come from my experiences of having friends over to my apartment and listening to their statements of how they feel during their stay or visit. I encourage you to try some of these tips if you are looking to minister to your company. Hosting is an art and good things can come from doing it with your whole heart.


  • Use Natural lighting if hosting during the day. This gives guests a sense of freedom and lightness.
  • Have a basket with throws in order to allow your guests to feel warm and at home.
  • Light Candles here and there to add a sweet aroma to the home.
  • Place plants in open spaces in your home. It lifts your guests’ spirits.
  • Have little reminders, such as quotes here and there as happy reminders to guests.

What do you think of when you think of home? No the image above is not a picture of my home, however it is a standard representation of an environment I would walk into and naturally let my guard down. There is natural light, there is plenty of space to move around and there is life (in the form of plants.) Everything about this environment screams youth and purity! The fact of there being so much open space creates such a laid-back open vibe that subconsciously communicates to guests that there is plenty of room for them to join in and that they can be themselves.

Just a little something to remember: Hosting is less about impressing your guests and more about comforting them and creating a space where they feel welcome! While I am not an interior designer, I have spent plenty of time praying a sense of welcome and peace over my home, and God has revealed so much to me about His hospitable heart!

This is my favorite little corner in my home. It’s nothing close to perfect but it warm and inviting. It’s got all the elements listed above, including natural light, and life in the form a plant. Lastly, it has art. Can you believe that I thrifted that piece framed in blue?

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