Mental Illness/ Stigma

So…..”How do you feel?”

It’s a real thing, mental illness. There is so much stigma in our society whether you are a Christian or not, surrounding mental illness, therapy and medication. The fact is that just like any other kind of illness, it is real and needs attention! Let’s be honest, I am no psychologist, but have been through loads of therapy and battle a variety of mental illnesses, hence my passion toward the subject. All that to say that this section of the site was created as a space where I could provide you with tools to help you keep up with maintaining your mental wellness. Your mental wellness matters, and it’s possible to stay on track. Check out the other tabs, and remember that they are just tools to add to your bag of coping skills. They do not supplement therapy or medication, and were not designed to do such. Stay on your meds, and keep your head up! You’re not alone!

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