Another Biscuit with Tea

Today I bought some frozen pillsbury southern style biscuits, ones that taste closest to my own homemade biscuits made from scratch, —that is when I get up the nerve to gather raw ingredients and do all “dirty work” involved in making biscuits. Along with them, I bought Bonne Maman Strawberry preserves and ordered clotted cream. Phew. It felt good to finally do something that takes me right back, front and center stage, to the living room of my tiny apartment in San Antonio, Texas where God would move so much, and the aroma of all things home permeated my apartment.

My original homemade biscuits

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It was where I hosted girlfriends, shepherding them directly to the heart of God, which I believe to be healing, and enjoyed piping hot cups of tea with a side of buttery biscuits or scones and preserves.

Tea, as it happens, is actually so inexpensive to host with. It goes a long way, feels like home, and has healing properties. There is nothing better in my opinion to accompany a cup of tea than a biscuit or a scone. Both are so subtle in nature, only inviting you to have as much or as little as you need at a time. “Come home”, they whisper. “But only when you’re ready.”

Instead of having had to make my way home, home came to me in the form of these biscuits. It is hard for me to fathom what a sacred act I made of eating and serving biscuits and tea. What a sacred place I made of my home throughout the series of conversations in which God made himself real to my friends and I. I still thirst endlessly for intimate moments like those again, and for genuine encounters with God.

This is all significant because it has been difficult making Denver home again. I’ve moved to several different properties and experienced a host of changes since arriving here in July 2020. I’ve fought tooth and nail to create home everywhere I’ve gone, and most things have not come close to what I created over the years in San Antonio. Yet God, in his perfect timing, and by his grace alone allowed me to stumble upon these biscuits at my local grocer, and to be thus brought mysteriously home into the sacredness of a tradition I created: Biscuits and Tea.

Creating Deepest Fellowship

I believe most ardently that there is a profound sacredness in breaking bread together. We even see so in the way that Christ blesses us in partaking in the Eucharist (the blood and the body of Christ). As it written in the gospel according to Saint Luke: “And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them saying ‘This is my body; do this in remembrance of me. (Luke 22:19-20)” He could have asked them to do anything in remembrance of him, but he asked them to break bread and drink wine, which I believe knit them together in deepest fellowship.

So friend, I invite you to open up your home more often and to serve something that will warm souls and inspire people to draw near to Jesus. It can be anything from a loaf of bread, to a tray of fruit, but serve! Open your heart and home, and you will find that Jesus makes himself known profusely among you.

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Points of Wisdom (Axioms)

  • Christ will always meet you where you are. Wherever you are…Christ will meet you.
  • God is always going deeper into our hearts. He always wants more of us, and for us to have more in Him.
  • A walk with Christ is a love story of deep calling unto deep.
  • Inhale Christ at every turn.
  • You are a light in a dark room, and a city on a hill. Let nothing dim you.
  • Christ is the beginning and the end of everything.
  • Prayer is what keeps your pulse in sink with the very heartbeat of God. Pray to know Him and open in prayer so that you may be known by Him!
  • He will never drive away those who are in his hand.
  • Keep coming closer, even if you do not recognize him in the storm.
  • Every situation is working toward your good.
  • Striving is not necessary. His yoke is easy and his burden is light.
  • At first the Sabbath was a command, but now we have Christ as our sabbath and so rest is our reality.
  • Worship with all your being. Hold nothing back.
  • In Christ your sins are forgiven. This is the beginning of freedom.
  • Telling the good news is a gift to you.
  • Ultimately just let go, and let yourself be found by God….

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Simply a Child of God

Disclaimer: I am not and have never been against the regular attendance of a healthy bible-teaching church. I have simply been overwhelmed by the inexhaustible complexities of being committed to tradition and hard-core discipline, as opposed to the carefreeness of enjoying Christ and the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit.

Here We Go:

It’s been long since I last mustered up the courage to openly confess the wounds lingering in my heart with regard to organized religion, and things of the like. I cannot explain this deep disconnect I feel toward the concept of pledging some sort of allegiance to a particular denomination or even church—not that I would ever preach that doing so is wrong, it’s just that my heart is so repulsed by it. It has caused so much pain.

I know that I am not alone in terms of the amount of people who share this sentiment with me, but the fact of leaving it all out in the open really begs the question of why/how I am so burdened about the spreading of the gospel and living a life of ministry unto Christ and His people. To which the only respond I have is that, that I did not call me to do anything. Jesus called me and I surrendered. He poured all the love and mercy into my heart. He allowed me to suffer, suffer, and suffer more, to the point where I began to posses an insatiable thirst for healing, and sharing how Christ has comforted me.

Just as Corrie Ten Boom says in her book The Hiding Place: “There is not pit so deep that Christ’s love is not deeper still,” and I know that it surpasses all that I do not understand about the denominational constructs, and other theological principles. I do however know him personally, and I have been set free from myself by the mercies of his love.


I know what you’re thinking. This already sounds sort of sack-religious, and perhaps even disingenuous. Perhaps—you’re thinking, “she’s in some sort of spiritual haze and has lost her identity in Christ.” What I need you to understand is that what I am experiencing is quite the opposite. I feel so keenly in touch with my identity in Christ, as a daughter redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, that everything else feels confusing, and lacking in simplicity. This is not to downplay the importance of fellowship, for it says plainly in Hebrews not to forsake the assembly of believers. I simply cannot wholly bow to a particular doctrine. I can’t do it.

What I Have Found:

The gentle whispers of acceptance, freedom and truth, that the Holy Spirit speaks to me do not frequently align with the latent messages communicated in organized religion that you have to really understand everything, and follow a rigid set of guidelines for living or else be condemned, both in this life and in the next. It’s not always explicitly stated, but I never feel more accepted, whole, or regenerated than in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it was meant to be that way.

It is possibly my very own thorn of flesh that I do not understand why people pledge themselves to a particular doctrine and feel thus edified in doing so. I do not understand how Christians lump themselves into categories saying “these are my people, and these are not my people.” All I know is the sweet person of Jesus, the power of the gospel and the infallible word of God. I stand on it. It protects me. It is my guard, and shield from any schemes of the evil one…but anything outside of that, I do not know.

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Wrestling Through Pain with God – Podcast

This morning I had the pleasure of sitting down to a warm cup of “Stress Zapper Tea” from the Bulk Herb Store online and diving into Anne Voskamp’s book entitled “One Thousand Gifts”. This compelling recollection of heart-wrenching events that entails understanding God’s grace, and how man’s gratitude plays a role in it, tugs at the most sore areas of the reader’s heart. It all feels so relevant given the world’s current circumstances.

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