The Basics

Because Jesus Heals and So Does Tea

Here’s what you need to know about tea:

An Introduction To Herbal Tea

Tea is more than just a southern compliment to fried chicken and waffles, or a symbol of status and association with high society and all things British. It is more than just a warm cup of enhancement to dip that scone, or biscotti in. It’s practically alternative medicine in the form of a cozy drink, and I’d like to suggest it as a nice little compliment, or the perfect addition to the times when you come before the Lord to have your heart cleansed. Behold, you can simultaneously have your body cleansed. Add tea to your life. Get the good kind, and be knowledgeable about its preventative properties. It’s almost never a bad idea, or bad time for that matter, to have a cup of tea! I love you guys!

Recommended Sources for High Quality Loose Leaf Tea (And honey if you’d like)