I’d love us to sit down together over a warm cup of tea. Let’s talk about why I started Jesus & Tea.

It Is How I Cultivate Intimacy With Jesus

These are the moments where I find myself most whole and my mind most steady. These are the moments where I tap into the peace that is found only in Jesus for no other reason except to enjoy him. It is because I love him that I seek him. As it says in Song of Solomon 3:4 “It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth, I held him and would not let go. (KJV)”

There are days when I just do not want to let go of Jesus. He is my best friend. On occasion, it seems to me such a negative thing that he is the only thing that satisfies all of me. At other times it makes me feel blessed beyond measure because he is the only thing that is always there, and I have endless access to him. He is nearer than my very breath. The presence of Jesus is what makes me feel so comfortable and secure in my home. I cannot do without him. Actually, he is my home. Because my physical apartment where I dwell, is the place where I spend the most time with Jesus, it is also the place where I feel most safe and secure. He is my home and what makes me feel most at home when I am here. I could never do without our moments together. He is the tiny bubble in which I live my life providing me with the sense of warmth I need to get by. Being in his presence is like being tightly wrapped in a blanket and being held up into my mother’s bosom. I am safe here.

It just so happens that I also love tea. Tea, especially organic loose leaf ones, like those that my dearest friend brings to me from out of town, also has a calming effect. Partially because of it’s herbal contents, such as lavender and chamomile, and partially because tea is just a cozy hot drink. It is so practical and heart warming for me to sit in my bed, which is in and of itself a place for resting, and have a warm cup of restful tea, with the most restful person, Jesus. I love him so much! And our time together is not always religious. Jesus and I can cover any range of topics: from things I am worried about, to things I am grateful for, to things that are just running through my mind, like needing to put honey on my grocery list again for my next cup of tea. Just being real lol. I love my times with Jesus.

He is my best friend. Recently I was diagnosed with depression. He is my greatest physician. In our times together, I feel my deep need for connection is met and I am most nurtured. I am so secure with Jesus. There is no happier more peaceful place for me. Jesus is the most beautiful part of my home, and without him I do not have a home. His glory is the canopy that encamps it, and the beauty that saturates it. In him I am full.

Below is the link to very high quality tea, crafted by a wholesome Christian family.