Pro Life or Pro Choice… The bigger Picture

At the top our agenda these days is the newly overturned Roe vs. Wade which included provisions that allowed women to terminate their pregnancies (have an abortion.) On the left you hear protests that a woman’s’ body is her own, that it is her right to choose, and that that piece of legislation was saving the lives of mothers who were victims of etopic pregnancies. On the right you hear assertions that murder is sin, under all circumstances, that a fetus is still a person, that it matters, and that pregnant mothers under complicated circumstances should choose adoption. Both sides are outraged and in need of solutions so much bigger than legislation, or having their opinions validated. Neither side is hearing the other.

I for one as a Pro life Christian am disappointed in the presentation of both sides. The cacophony of voices has amounted to a noise that only breeds confusion.

Let him who has ears to hear hear. -Mathew 11:15

You see we can’t hear when we are too busy shoving our opinions down each other’s throats. It is always a better to be slow to speak and quick to listen. That way you have time to exercise discernment before you speak! The question to really ask is “Who am I hindering from coming to Jesus by my words?” Words have eternal value, and Jesus is in the business of soul saving. His agenda is higher than that of congress and Fox News and CNN.

The news outlets from where you seek knowledge and answers are broken cisterns and are not seeking to save your soul, but to further their own temporary and fleeting agenda. There is a better way to go about this. There is love—unselfish love, love that brings healing.

“A gentle answer turns aways wrath…” -Proverbs 15:1

Friends, Let us hear and understand the voices on either side. On the left, they are saying, the quality of the mother’s life is equally important as a child. The mother’s body matters and she ALSO needs protections from the government, especially when she has to choose between her life and the child’s. She needs to have options in case she conceives from rape. My fellow Christians, hear this. On the right they are saying, the baby’s life has immeasurable value, and it should have rights both in and out of the womb. They are saying that we need a government that protects life at ALL stages and values biblical truths. My dear non Christians hear this.

Both the pro life and pro choice soul matter to Jesus. Even the fetus and the embryo matter to Jesus. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum you are invited to come to the table and eat with Jesus.

Let’s have some tea!

In other News:

Biden signed a bipartisan gun safety bill into law! Woohoo!

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