Whole 30 Kickoff!

On the 8th of July I moved to Colorado from Texas to live with my Aunt and little cousin for mental health and financial purposes. It has been extremely sweet and absolutely a dream to be so close to family again!

Today this household started Whole 30 in effort to both lose weight and see if the removal of sugar from my diet does anything to stabilize my mental health. Oh and I hate to mention it, but we are also taking caffeine out of my diet and I’m already feeling so sad about that, but let’s focus here primarily on the positive things.

I’m loving that green things are becoming such a part of our diet!! Here is the smoothie that we kicked our day off with this morning:


Frozen mangos


Pineapple juice

Orange juice



It gave me the same boost of energy I look for in my morning cups of coffee. My relationship with coffee is actually on the brink of termination now that I have learned that as a depressed person, coffee can exacerbate my symptoms. Not just that, but this smoothie really gave me a boost that I have never felt with coffee.

Another plus: it’s so green and makes me feel so calm and connected to nature.

A soothing little boost

Ok and finally I have to share what we had for lunch. It was a particularly creative dish that my aunt threw together with scrambled eggs, pan fried potatoes (fried in coconut oil), spinach and salsa. Boy it was better than I can describe and look, more spinach and plenty of protein.

Final Product

It tasted so much better than the justice the picture does it. Boy oh boy!

So I’m thrilled. I know that we are all thrilled at the start of something new, but I have long waited for answers concerning my mental health. I have waited for the support of others in the area of such strong life changes, and have been asking God to pour fresh vision into my heart and mind with regard to my overall health and well-being. I really believe a foundation for stronger will power, and nutritious eating is being laid.

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