Girl Next Door

I’m not sure why glasses get such a bad wrap. There is this sort of stigma that glasses make you look smarter and give you you sort of “nerd appeal”. I never understood that really until I got reading glasses. Prior to now, I thought it was cruel to assume that intelligent people just had to be blind, but now I understand that the real assumption is that intelligent people read so much that they need something to help them see when they are consuming information.

Yes, I have learned to love reading during this quarantine. Yes, I have become afraid that if I do not have a barrier between my eyes and the screen when I watch movies or something, that my eyes will totally burn out and become useless.

No I don’t think I look weird or nerdy. I think I look mature, and intelligent. Do you love the look? There is no shame in getting glasses just as a fashion accessory! Look into it!

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