Your Guide to Quality Mugs–An Essential for Tea

A nice cup of loose-leaf organic tea can be the perfect enhancement to any restful day, and there is nothing like an elegant mug to enhance that experience. Here is your guide to selecting the perfect mug. I know, you’ve probably given little thought to spending time on a minor accessory like this, but it might be the perfect little treat to yourself for those quiet moments when you are winding down and slowly sipping that hot tea.


Maryfrances Carter is an artist who lives in Hickory, North Carolina. She creates artisan vessels from clay and adorns them with her intricately designed, delicate sketches. She describes her pieces as “clean and classy with a touch of whimsy.” Her pieces do not catch the eye in the way that any old ordinary mug or vase would from the local department store. They are truly and intrinsically art. They are classy and scream “home” with a luxurious appeal.


A favorite of mine from this source

Towsend Son and Inc. is a manufacturer that reproduces clothing and accessories from the 18th and early 19th century. Aside from the general population, they serve historic sites, motion picture companies, television production companies and other entities. Their pieces are unique in that they provide a genuine sense of participating in another century. They can add a touch of history to a home, with an unrefined tone that feels similar to that of a genuine artifact from a historic time period.


Work by Clare Dawdry

Clare Dawdry is a year 2000 graduate from the Glassgow School of Art with her BA in ceramics. She formed We Make Pots with her husband Simon in 2004. She and her family now live in Kirkpatrick Durham (a province of the United Kingdom), where she has worked since 2008. Her phenomenal works are on full display on both her website and intagram page, and will soon be available for purchase online.

Her classy ceramic creations are works of art that speak entirely for themselves.


Perhaps you want a bit of class, creativity, and uniqueness at a more affordable price. If you’re not particularly looking for something handmade, but is quality nonetheless, then crate and barrel might be a good source for you. These mugs can be as low as $10 for a mug or $20 for a set, and they are quality. My favorite styles are stoneware and earthenware, but if you’re more into stainless steel or porcelain, then you’ll still find yourself right at home.

Lowen mug $10.00
Nina mug $20.00

I personally love the pure and classy vibrancy of white, but neutrals and pops of other colors as can be purchased from this vendor as well.

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