A Walk Much Needed

The present circumstances of being isolated in my apartment most hours of the day due to the recommended “social distancing” by the government, in addition to the fact that I am in a current state of limbo between jobs, has left me with two primary reasons to take walks: 1. To promote my blood circulation and 2. To maintain my sanity.

I’ve noticed how refreshed and renewed my spirit feels when I step outside to enjoy God’s creation and be inspired by his nature. There is so much variety and spontaneity in nature. The fact of the various colors of the wildflowers and vibrancy of the green grass just makes me think of how jubilant and exciting God must be. He is a painter of sorts. In addition to this, the fact that it is Spring sort of gives my spirit that sense that nature is beckoning me, and inviting the little child inside out to play. Despite this odd call to adventure, I somehow feel a stillness in my being, and a closeness to God when in nature. It is perhaps comparable to that of Adam and Eve, the first humans, walking in the cool of the garden, naked and unashamed with God. I’m unguarded, refreshed, renewed, simple. My whole being feelings cleansed.

My appreciation for nature and enjoyment of the presence of God therein are effortless. In my consciousness mind I do not understand why it so amusing and stimulating just to experience the difference in the air from one day to another. The earth is most certainly alive and I feel even more alive the more I partake in it.

In decades past, this sort of enjoyment of nature was so commonplace throughout mankind, it was taken for granted, but nowadays the advancement of technology and our dependence on it has created a unique sort of yearning to be connected to Mother Nature and her sweet simplicity. Our environment has changed but our inward design has not.

Nature is a such a rudimentary and irreplaceable aspect of our modern lives. I can imagine our ancestors hardly disciplined themselves to get some “fresh air” so to speak, having already been so intuitively connected to it, but we’ve certainly got to rediscover our routes. COVID-19, all of its uncertainties and oppressive scarcity of resources have not been all for nought. After all, being constantly cooped up in a tiny studio style apartment, has perpetuated ideas for getting creative with my space as a means of mental healing. At least once per day I’ve got to open my windows and allow wind to gust gracefully into my humble abode, sort of waking everything up from its slumber and reminding me that today and all of its complexities shall pass. This chapter is not the end of the story. There is still more to write, and tomorrow morning will offer new mercies afresh as it is written in Lamentations 3:22-23.

Aside from nature and all of its uniquely refreshing properties, I have been indulging in lots of sweets lately! I have taken on a new hobby in the form of baking. I am very grateful that the days feel fruitful regardless of the fact that I‘m not living according to the full schedule I’d grown accustom to which had filled virtually every hour of my day with obligations. These unoccupied days are all but idle. They are full of planning, praying, and staying glued to the news. They are full of learning, imagination, and an ever-expanding heart of compassion for this broken world. They are full, these days.

Please my friends. Obey the ordinances of your local government. For the majority of us, that means abiding strictly to the quarantine, and I feel we must soberly obey that. We must also nurture our minds, bodies and souls, by being renewed. Stay in the word, immerse yourself in truth and encouragement. Ultimately, get fresh air!

Your’s Truly,

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