Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I just love enjoying the comfort of my own home. I often splurge on little trinkets here and there to cozy up the place and induce cuddle vibes. My most recent purchase was a pair of taupe colored quilted pillow shams to compliment my quilt bedding. It wasn’t exactly a necessary purchase, but coziness just ministers so deeply to my being. It’s the way I’m wired I guess that my home has to be a little nest; a haven so to speak, and a place to have intimate meetings with my God. It’s my favorite time of the year. The cold gives me reasons to be extra comfortable.

He will cover you with his feathers, under his wings you will find refuge. Psalm 91:4

Quilted Pillow Shams for my hiding place and place of refuge

It’s cold enough outside that when you breath, a little cloud comes puffing out of your mouth, and floats away into the ether. No one really knows where it’s actually headed or why it comes out in the first place, but when you’re a child there’s something magical about it. It’s so cold that one blanket is just not enough. You need two, and if you’re lucky someone to get super close to and keep warm with. Someone to enjoy not only the comfort of heat ebbing from their body and oozing into your’s, but also the warmth of their heart. The warmth of just being together, and knowing you’re not alone. The gratitude of surviving the cold together, and knowing that you’ve almost made it through another year. It’s so magical this season.

“Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Ecclesiastes 4:11

I can earnestly say that I am grateful for each selfless soul who has devoted time to me in seasons of cold, both literally and metaphorically speaking. Aside from the fact that God is my ultimate place of refuge, I’d venture to say that it is nearly impossible to grapple one’s way through all that is difficult in life without a partner or two. Let’s just be practical.

Back to speaking of soft surroundings and in general just coveting this season….

My Favorite Teapot

A genuine English teapot from a mother figure in the Lord

In my personal world, I enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea year-round. I keep several selections of flavors, and aside from just steeping a cup for rest and relaxation, I just in general have an obsession with teapots. I currently only possess three decorative ones. While that’s more than most people, I think it is high time for me to own a practical tea kettle made for heating up water on the stove top, and brewing fresh tea, instead of just being a decorative ornament to be showcased in odd places throughout my humble abode. I need something that’s actually useful is what I’m trying to say. So when my best-friend Natalie asked what to get me for Christmas this year, that’s exactly what I requested and I am stoked for the outcome. More warmth More comfort. More joy.

A tea infuser, much like the one I own

I love the wonder of tall trees full of fall-colored leaves and lawns adorned with maroonish and burnt orange leaves all over the place. It’s captivating and awe-inspiring. As a current Texan it ring bells of Autumns in Denver when we’d collect leaves into a giant pile and jump into them. As kids, we were fascinated with the sound of them crunching and crinkling underneath us. Can you not tell how deeply attached to this season I am?….

Autumn has arrived right on time. After all that I have been through in 2019, I am beyond ready for the nostalgia of the season and finding reasons to keep cozy and warm. It is a myth that there are no seasons in Texas. The fact of the matter is simply that they do occur, they just come and go so quickly, it is almost as if they never happened. I am fortunate to have been able to capture moments of this season.

2 responses to “Tidings of Comfort and Joy”

  1. You warm my heart with your precious words and your reminder of all things beautiful!!!
    I wish I could stop by for a chat and a cup of delicious tea from that beautiful “heart binding” teapot!


    1. You are so kind ❤️. This can be our virtual meeting place where that happens in our hearts so to speak! I love you.


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