Serenity Collection

The photos attached to this blog post are a collection of images brought to you by Photographers who are part of the VSCO community. They are meant to enhance your relaxation and moments where you meditate and pull up a cup of tea. Enjoy ✌🏾.

Recommended Tea: Hibiscus

Surrounding Enhancement: White Noise

By Mauriel

Support Jesus & Tea:

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The way that He cares for us

I am so ministered to by the way the Lord has cared for me through all of the life changes I am experiencing. So much uncertainty has arisen but I feel his care. As he has abruptly removed so many friendships and and other unnecessary gifts that he has given, that I used as emotional crutches, I can now say that I am transitioning to a place of deeper dependency on my savior.

He is the giver, whom I adore, and in whom I put all my fountains. All else is vanity.

He has stilled my heart through the Holy Spirit who meets me amidst the fresh dew of the morning, and guides me along still waters. He has cleansed my mind by the light that glows brilliantly each morning through these windows in our living area. He is my peace, my comfort, my zeal. All my fountains are in Him.

To God be the glory for the way that time comes, time goes, and the seasons change, but we remain ever anchored in His love and the promise that he will never leave nor forsake us. Amen.