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The Infinite World of Herbal Teas

I must admit that I do prefer organic loose leaf tea. I purchase primarily from the “Bulk Herb Store” online, which I have provided links to on both the Intro page and the Tea page, and I also love the brand “Rishi”, which can be purchased on amazon or World Market. It is loose leaf organic tea with a taste worthy of the price you will pay at checkout.

As far as flavors are concerned I love peppermint and hibiscus. Peppermint is soothing, while hibiscus is just truly refreshing.

I typically drink chamomile when I am particularly stressed or cannot sleep.

Bagged vs. Loose Leaf

I prefer loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is premium quality because the leaves are typically larger. The larger the tea leaves, the richer and smoother the tea. If I do a do buy tea in tea bag, it is of the brand “Tazo” because their tea is organic and always smooth tasting.

Honey or Brown Sugar

As far as sweeteners are concerned, I believed that tea is best enjoyed with honey to taste, or a bit of brown sugar. Of course if you want to watch your diet and take best care of your body, then it is a good idea to refrain from sweeteners altogether, but I do typically indulge. While I purchase my honey, from my local grocer, you can purchase premium quality honey from Saratoga Tea & Honey comapany here:

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