My Career

I recently graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May of 2019, with my Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Just a week prior to walking across the stage I was lucky to land a role right in the line of work I wanted to do. I work at a Physician Staffing and Recruitment Firm called Provenir Healthcare as a sourcing specialist, so I’m smack dab in the middle of corporate America, which is just what I wanted.

Once I was fresh out of college I just wanted an income, preferably in an office setting with decent benefits, and I got exactly what I’d hoped for! Being a Sourcing Specialist basically means that I do detailed research and make phone calls to see if doctors are interested in any open positions we have to practice medicine with our clients. I will admit that in the beginning, it was just a place to start but it meets all of my needs. It is a nurturing and very supportive environment full people who are eager to perform, and the senior staff is constantly working to develop professionals who can succeed in their career even beyond their roles here at Provenir!

While being a sourcing specialist at Provenir Healthcare is a relatively slow-paced , low-pressure role with unique perks, I’ll admit, it’s not my sweet spot. I have a burning desire to work full-time as a marketing or branding strategist, and that is what drives me to excel on a daily basis. As opposed to managing data and soliciting business with doctors all day I am more the spontaneous creative right-brained type that wants to sit for hours and analyze what kinds of color schemes go together and determine which selections of images leave an impression that aligns with the mission of the company. I love to design graphics and put together promotional videos that inspire the intended audience to engage more with the company or non-profit, or whatever it may be! That’s just who I am.

Unexpected Desires Mix with a Deep Conviction for Craftsmanship and Excellence

I never dreamed the desire to work in marketing would be kindled in my simple little heart that had honestly stopped dreaming after my dreams to become a doctor dissolved into the bleak reality that I am not equipped for the sciences and resulted in puddles of tears, and clouds of doubt. I nevertheless, remained keenly in touch with my desire to do ministry, and thus stumbled upon this passion throughout the process of creating this blog, which was intended to give me a platform for ministry.

I realized that people need not only Jesus, but also a well-crafted product to keep them engaged with the subject matter. God is exciting and I want to keep my audience thinking so too. Remember that the Lord was carpenter? I don’t think he was sloppy about it either. In fact I think he invested just as much into carpentry as he did into people. The two go hand in hand, ministry and good craftsmanship that is, and I believe that the Lord does take his time to focus on every important detail of anything. That said, marketing and branding are the direction I desire to go in, so I’m working on some cool things behind the scenes and just waiting to see what the Lord does!

Wish me all the best!

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