Modes of Self Expression

  1. Inspiration Ebbs and flows like waves of the sea:

    I am learning that there are different ways of expressing oneself and that being one way all the time is not always necessary, or possible, or realistic. It’s so lacking in color or character. Jaded.

    Sometimes we need a stretch out of the mundane, and ordinary and into a realm of utter creativity. What do you dream of? Can you bring it to life on paper by or means of watercolors, or a beloved pencil that’s been waiting for you to pick it up and take it on a journey?

    Yes. And if not that’s ok. Maybe today you feel like cutting holes in your jeans because it’s more comfortable to you that way, or hip. Or, maybe you just don’t feel like eating pepperonis on your pizza. I’m just stabbing at it because I don’t know where you are. Aren’t we all just stabbing at it?

  2. Mood changes with the weather but Jesus does not

One day you may feel normal and the next day not so much. Either way, you are perfectly normal. You are perfectly human, which means perfectly broken. It’s okay not to be ok. It leaves more room to lean on Christ and find that He can fill the empty, make up for your shortcomings and be your anchor, steadying you in every season. He is the Lord that calmed that winds and waves. Even still he is by your side, holding your hand, leaning in and whispering “Be Still”. You don’t have to go to war all the time, and pace back and forth each morning asking yourself what mask you’ll wear today. Don’t you know that by tomorrow both you and it will be worn out. Rest in Jesus (Mathews 11:28).

I am asking you to be yourself.

3. You are not alone.

Emmanuel means “God with us”, because Jesus was God incarnate. He was born into this world, as a humble little baby in a manger in Bethlehem because He loves you enough, because you matter. The things that make you hurt make him hurt. He is reaching out for your hand. You can trust it in His. His heart beats for the same things your heart beats for, and His breath pants for the same things that wear you out. He is hurting for God-separated humanity and is thirsty for your affection. Turn and be healed. I promise He’s safe.

4. Time is Everything

There is something that won’t work out that you keep trying to force. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe it’s just not time. Remember: He hurts for what hurts you, but He will not give you something good before it’s time. If He isn’t giving it then now then right now it isn’t Good. Only are things good when given in His time. Timing is everything.

5. Let Go

Open those palms face up and surrender. All this will make sense when you let go. Let go of your pride, lay down your guard, and cry those tears you’ve been holding back for years. Let it out. Let it go. Let your heart-beat synchronize with his, and enter into his gates with praise and thanksgiving for another day of living, another day of beholding the King. Another day of revelation. He loves you. He calls you his own. You are enough for

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