Hello serenity and not over performing to please people

Hello I define myself, I make up the rules

Hello dull walls and scraps of things I’ve been collecting over the years that fell together.

Hello. Hello. Hello.

I am not a mistake. Neither is the bleak impression of my dull off-white colored walls and craft of a shelf that I came across at a garage sale, and a picture frame that was passed down to me by someone dear to me who didn’t want it anymore. It was going to be her trash.

Hello leftovers are the story of my life. The guest in every family, but not really family.

Hello orphan inside. You are unique and you have a purpose.

You see just like these walls, your life seems bleak but you are beautiful. You are art, like that under-worn scarf that you turned into a tapestry and hung over your bed.

You are not a misfit. You are the biggest fortune that ever happened to anyone who has lost their identity.

You have spoken up for the voiceless and been The face of gentleness to the weary and broken-hearted.

Hello…..hurt was part of your calling.

You began to speak things their ears could not stand to hear but it made them realize that God is God and they are not.

Hello surrender.

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