Coming Out Of the Wilderness

She tiptoes through the deep wilderness crunching leaves with each step as she makes her way along. By now she is in the deep heart of the forest, where the grand trees crowd around and the light is barely able to pierce between branches and tree trunks. She is not alone. She does not want to leave the wilderness quite yet because inside there, you can’t exactly see everything. The things you do not want to see are more easily hidden. There are so many doubts she has about entering the light again; about seeing what she does not want to see. How will she face the pain she kept buried for so long in an effort to guard her heart?

A friend calls out to her. “Hey there, you, come and follow me.” She wants to follow him but in this part of the forest he is barely recognizable. Curious, she follows him. He leads her onward, this time up a steep path, that only becomes more narrow as they progress forward. She does not ask questions. She continues to follow him. As time passes they reach a particularly narrow part of the path where the trees are crowded in so close that the branches are rubbing against her skin giving her reason to regret she followed him. She realizes she can’t do it, and she still does not recognize him.
“Why did you bring me out here?” She demands.
He doesn’t respond.
“Why did you bring me out here?” This time she’s crying.
And when she becomes angry enough he carries her, even though his heart is weary with the weight of her pain. He is carrying her to the highest part of the mountain.
And when they reach the highest part of the mountain, she is so exhausted from the journey, that all she can do is lie there and thank him for carrying her all the way up.
He asks her to stand.
She flies instead.

John 14:16 “Jesus answered, ‘I am the way the truth and the life”

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