This Charming Home

I like to fancy myself somewhat of a decor enthusiast or “Junior Interior Designer” if you will. My 700sq ft apartment with hardwood floor and shell white walls inspire me to creativity. Oh and, let me not forget the giant window in the living room through which natural light gleams forth from the horizon. It the makes for an ideal scene in which I can rest and connect with God.

I cannot tell you what I’ve learned as far as interior design is concerned, because I don’t approach it as a science. Yes, I follow design accounts on Instagram, and sometimes mimic aspects of what I’ve seen, but that is the extent of it. I’m rarely interested in why things have to be arranged a certain way in order to be beautiful, I just follow my heart, and If I like it, well… I like it.

Here are pictures of the progress of my home:

These are shots of the living room. Nothing professional but still very graceful and beautiful. It is 100% my style.

I am still so suprised at how most of this came along. When I moved into this little peice of charm I had hardly any money for furnishings, although God kept telling me that He was going to provide and that it would exceed my expectations. A couple of weeks before I moved into the apartment my mentor told me she had a friend who was moving out of the country and would therefore be getting rid of most of the furniture in her home. I’m excited all over again just thinking about the amount of free things I got from her! The coolest and most important things I scored were this grey upholstered bedframe and these white nightstands pictured below.

Let’s talk about my absolute favorite things. I didn’t get these for free but I did get them for good deals. See that dresser down below on the left? It’s got a nice vintage feel and it’s made with real wood. I bought this at a local thrift store for $30 (next to nothing) and in brand spanking new condition! Below on the right you can see that midcentury modern grey sofa. I bought it for $300 used but in good condition from a Catholic Company called The Good Couch! Oh and that $300 includes the cost of devlivery.

That pretty much sums up my favorite purchases/donations for this home. So, is the decor of your home a big deal to you? Do you keep it simple or you all about sprucing it up? Where do you draw inspiration for decor/design. If you’re not already you should totally follow Jesus & Tea on Insagram. The handle is: @thejesusandteablog.

Today’s Tea: Today’s tea is a Black Tea flavored with Ginger & Peach. If you haven’t tried that combination, I highly recommend it. Ginger as you know aids digestion and boosts the immune system, while peach is a good source of antioxidants.

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