Oliver Pluff & Co Tea Review

As you now know, I do frequent Devil’s Food Bakery in South Denver on Gaylord St.. They have what I call top-notch, deliciously decadent pastries, quiches, and pies. Well, I thought I should mention that I recently discovered that the owner of the Devil’s Food also owns a little shop directly next door, called The Trunk Show. She’s bound to take over South Denver and I LOVE it.

It is a store of trinkets and necessitties of the highest quality, which are mostly handmade. My favortie thing about the store is the amount of items made of 100% pure wool and that many of them come from Europe.

If it were appropriate to go about a store take pictures, I would do so and show you guys, but I’m better off simply telling you about it since I want to maintain a good relantionship with the owner and employees.

Enough said. Let’s get straight to it. On today’s visit to The Trunk Show I stumbled upon th cutest little packet of tea whose aroma met my nose within three feet of distance. It is a tea by a company called Olive Pluff & Co and I am sipping on it as I write. Funny thing, we are well into the New Year and the specific flavor I chose reminds me of Christmas. It is called cinnimon orange (a spiced black tea), and even without cream, sugar, or honey the flavors make their aquaintaince with your mouth in such a pleasant warm, holiday way. Pictured below is my little setup as I savor this warm delight.

Now, I dare say the tea is a little bit pricey at 1$ per tea bag. The packet comes with 6 sachet sand it costs all together $6. Now that was the price I bought it for from a third party. You can find it perhaps a little cheaper on their website. I will share a link to their webiste and I do encourage you to explore it if you are a tea enthusisist, as it contains so many articles on the history of tea.

Link: https://oliverpluff.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAqt-dBhBcEiwATw-ggBLnxnUmHp9e5ElbrO7zEyHJMAWC5wz2GFBL4lILOYRTgP3rQpubmxoCPQYQAvD_BwE


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