Devil’s Food Bakery (Denver, CO)

This picture pretty much sums up my afternoon. I’m just enjoying a simple pleasure in the midst of so many uncertainties; namely not knowing when I’ll be scheduled for my full 16 hours at work. This week, I am down to the wire with a whopping 8 hours scheduled to work on the clock. How am I supposed to live on that? Not to mention my full social security benefit doesn’t kick in until next month. I get it 16 hours, might not sound like much, but it puts groceries on the table and supplements my social security check.

All of this and I have a strange peace. I have peace enough to take a ride to my favorite bakery and order my favorite thing on the menu. A carrot cupcake with walnuts and a buttery creamy icing. That’s all really. Then I get to end my evening by using my favorite Christmas gift! My friend got me a gift card to go candle-making and I am nothing short of thrilled about it.

curious to know. What was your favorite gift from Christmas 2022? I love my gift from this friend because it’s an experience we get to share where we will create something which we will potentially have for a long time. I also like it because it take thought to find a gift that is an experience.

Also, just a side note, I met her when we worked together at a job doing ABA therapy with autistic children and found out that we were both from San Antonio. I asked if we could hang out, we exchanged numbers and she’s been so kind, supportive and loyal ever since.

So that’s all. I just came on to share that it’s 2023, and I’m still enjoying God’s peace while I sort out other details about my life. Oh and, if you’re ever in Denver, do yourself a solid and stop by Devil’s food bakery. They are a bakery/slash coffee and they make everything in house!

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