Give the Gift of Tea

This Christmas we will all likely fall into the overwhelm of our culture, buying gifts to impress and thereby overspending. I find it so ironic that a time which is supposed to bring joy and peace can often be the source of stress and anxiety. Eventually we find ourselves waiting for it to end, and then we do it all over again the next year.

Here is your permission to end the cycle. Here is your sign to come back to the truth and reality that giving can be simple, and that the gift is often more cherished for the heart behind it; not the dollar bill behind it. I want to make a suggestion, give the gift of tea.

One of my favorite brands of tea is Rishi. The box it comes in for one, is always a beautiful presentation and the tea leaves are bigger than what comes typical tea sachets. This makes for smooth and tasteful blends. Ultimately, here’s my favorite: Rishi tea is organic.

Tea is a simple an affordable gift that has endless health benefits. In previous posts I list just a few of the benefits of tea, ranging from relaxation, all the way to immune boosting, and cancer prevention when speaking specifically of green tea. Pictured below is a box of tea that I am giving a dear friend this year:

The last little thing I want to remind you of this year is that not EVERYONE in your life has to have a gift from you. If you really want to be intentional, write them a card. Cards are my favorite because I actually collect them and read them time and time again over the years. I eagerly adore them.

So, give the gift of tea. Keep it simple this year and remember that Christmas is about the heart behind the gifts that are being given.

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