All Moved In

I now live in a cozy, quaint one bedroom apartment in South Denver, right across the street from the prominent University of Denver. I‘ve lived with roommates for the two years that I’ve been here, mostly in housing for women with mental illnesses. Now the time has come for me to step out on my own.

The previous group home/ assisted living program I was housed in was situated off of a street with loads of poverty and drug traffic. Its a blessing to be able to continue my journey to healing with new surroundings. Check out my decor.

The Backstory

When I first got to Denver from San Antonio, TX I ended up homeless throught a series of unforeseen circumstances. I was suffering from severe mental illness… hallucinations, depression so bad I experienced chronic pain, suicidal attemtps and so on. The plan was origianlly to l ive with family until I was stablized both mentally and financially, but when after a suicidal attempt, my family turned their bakcs on me and left me homeless.

“You wont have to worry about anything.” Were the words that my auntie had originally spoken to me however, what I was about to learn was that my life is most secure when it is i n the hands of the maker of heaven. No man can withstand the whims of life, but God is sovereign in what he has ordained for us. After a year and a half of living in transitional/mental health prgrams and fighting for the the next roof over my head, I have moved into my own place.

I leaned intot the presence of God every step of the way. Even as I write this I am leaning into the presence of Jesus because I understand that I am poor without him. My whole being is poor without him. It is only in him that I am whole, and from the depth s of my heart I can say that his presence has always been my true home. I say to myself “Welcome Home.”

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