Grab a Cup of Tea

So many of us are looking for that caffeine fix—that rush that gets us going, darting out of the door. It combats grogginess and all. We just want to take back power. “It is Monday”, we say, “and I’ll do whatever it takes to champion this day! Which is great, fantastic even until that crash happens and we find ourselves on our fifth (exaggerating) cup of coffee, parched like no other and fully overcome by jitters. It begs the question: Was it really worth it?

That my friends is where tea comes in. No not black tea silly! Herbal tea, a warm cup of calm. Don’t worry, you can brew it cold too!

There are endless benefits to tea. There is Echinacea which boosts immunity, Ginger which improves digestions, Chamomile which promotes sleep, and Green tea, which stimulates the metabolism just to name a few.

In my personal experience I have found tea to be soothing to the body, soul and spirit. I find a quiet sanctuary— typically my bedroom, and I brew a piping hot cup of whatever tea I chose for that moment. My current favorite tea is ginger lemon, which is good for detox and digestion.

It is so stress relieving to come calmly into the presence of God with a cup of tea, and encounter Him as the Prince of Peace. It is so freeing just to enter into a headspace where I have been emptied so that I can be filled. My friends, what are you drinking? More importantly, what have you been seeking? Let me know in the comments.

On My Heart

Pray for:

Gas prices to decrease and for the U.S. to recover from a state of recession

Laws to pass regarding gun safety.

Support Jesus & Tea

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