A Gust of Inspiration

I might have mentioned this before: I spent 12 years of my childhood in Denver, Colorado. After that many years of living some place and never having anything else in the world to compare it to, due to a lack of travel, things like a daily view of the Rocky Mountains become so commonplace. The repetition of friendly smiling faces and good customer service becomes so monotonous and mundane. After a while you just want out, and I was luck enough to get out.

For 8 years I lived in the lone star state (Texas), without ever returning back to Colorado to visit. Now that I am back, I feel like a visitor in my hometown and find myself completely dumbfounded by the constant beauty and unique architectural layout of Denver. It seems I sort of missed all of this as a kid, and deep down I almost wonder if I was blinded by the darkness of ingratitude, or if Denver has drastically changed.

Denver has changed. As the number 2 most gentrified city in the United States, Denver has certainly changed, but the majority of what I find to be so beautiful has always been there. The Denver Public library still towers over the heads of so many children and even adults reminding them that if a real adventure has ever begun anywhere, it has always been inside of a book. The Capitol and it’s golden dome still shine lustrously in the brilliance of the summer sun. Sixteenth street mall still boasts it’s tourists attracting hot-spots and shopping centers. So much is all the same. And it all makes me wonder? What else has changed?

Denver Public Library

I think that along with all of that, my heart has changed. Let me just tell you, Texas wasn’t that pretty. Texas was a lot bigger and had a wonderful economy and much lower cost of living. However, when speaking in terms of natural scenery there just was not much to really experience. At least not beyond the limits of state parks. Something about living in an environment where beauty is a rare find makes you thirst for it. It makes you sort of determined that if you are going to live somewhere and call it you, you WILL find something about it to enjoy and take pride in. You will call it home, and hopefully you will mean it. So that’s what I did. I thanked God for what beauty and I find, and in doing so I found more. Gratitude begot joy and I remained the creative poetry-loving, beauty seeking human I have been since I was a little girl and first lived in Denver.

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