The Suicidal Mind

What Do I Do When Someone I Know Tells Me They Are Suicidal?

I am not a licensed psychologist, but I can say that I’ve had plenty of these conversations, where I disclose my suicide plans. I know what can be successful and what is absolutely not useful or appropriate to say.


  1. Express your grief. Explain how you will miss them, and how much. Explain that you are afraid.
  2. Stay away from trying to rationalize them out of making the decision. They are not in their rational mind, so listing pros and cons to death mean absolutely nothing.
  3. Call for help, but you do not necessarily have to tell them that you are doing so. Allow them to vulnerably trust you. You do not owe it to them to tell how you are crying for help. That is personal to you.
  4. Release guilt. Nothing is your fault. They are sick, and potentially fatally depressed. You did nothing.
  5. Accept it. You cannot change the choice they make. You can show your love and pray. You can call for help, but you too deserve love care and knowing that you are worthy and have done enough!

5 thoughts on “The Suicidal Mind

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for emphasising that suicidal thoughts are not rational, that it isn’t anyone’s fault, and that acceptance is hard but important. You set it all out so clearly and kindly 🙂
    I’m also 23 and have suicide ideations so it was really nice for me to read this and feel a little less alone. I also wrote about this topic on my blog last week if you want to check it out! You’re right that it is so hard to write about but doesn’t it feel cathartic to let it out into the world and help reduce the stigma? 🙂


      1. I am so glad you didn’t die! So glad you found that you like living and breathing! I’m so glad that you had friends to take over the reigns and take you to get help!

        The fact that you’re sharing this story really counts and makes me feel less alone too! ❤️Been through hospitalizations too many times

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