The Suicidal Mind

The Blamelessness of a Suicidal Mind:

A person who is suicidal is by definition out of his or her rational mind. They cannot think clearly or make logical and healthy choices. Keep in mind that they are out of their rational mind once they have set into motion their will to carry out the act of suicide.

How Normal Is It to Have Suicidal Thoughts?:

Suicidal thoughts are normal (meaning nothing to be alarmed about) in so much as they are simple fleeting thoughts that emerge from a desire to escape an unfavorable situation. Most people in their lifetime will entertain the hypothetical possibility that things would be far better if if their life were terminated. It is unhealthy, but not extremely irrational or dangerous.

Warning Signs:

Red flags in the development of suicidal thoughts arise as these thoughts feel more and more reasonable to the victim. The victim no longer sees this looming death as daunting, but sees it increasingly as the answer.

Negative Copimg Skills Become More Frequent:

If the victim is a cutter, you will notice they cut more often, deeper, and closer to veins. If they overdose in medication, you will notice taking more medication or other toxins, to almost flirt with death increasingly as they become more comfortable with the idea.

In general, actions of self-harm and self-loathing will become increased and this is the point when the victim needs to cry out for help!

5 thoughts on “The Suicidal Mind

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for emphasising that suicidal thoughts are not rational, that it isn’t anyone’s fault, and that acceptance is hard but important. You set it all out so clearly and kindly 🙂
    I’m also 23 and have suicide ideations so it was really nice for me to read this and feel a little less alone. I also wrote about this topic on my blog last week if you want to check it out! You’re right that it is so hard to write about but doesn’t it feel cathartic to let it out into the world and help reduce the stigma? 🙂


      1. I am so glad you didn’t die! So glad you found that you like living and breathing! I’m so glad that you had friends to take over the reigns and take you to get help!

        The fact that you’re sharing this story really counts and makes me feel less alone too! ❤️Been through hospitalizations too many times

        Liked by 1 person

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