Soothing Vibes-A Mental Health Chat

Today, I want you just to let go. Let all those racing thoughts and heavy expectations vanish into the abyss of forgetfulness. You are worth so much more than an unrelenting echo of of thoughts reminding you that you haven’t done enough—that you aren’t enough. Somewhere inside, you are just a child. Try for once to look into a mirror and see your pain looking back at you. Perhaps you just need comfort. You deserve comfort.

You can let yourself be wrapped soundly into the security of a blanket. Sink yourself into that bed or sofa, or maybe it’s that lazy- boy recliner—whatever makes you let go. Pound for pound you are worth this break. You are worth this moment of just being present, inhaling, exhaling, and loving yourself. You don’t have to try.

That heaviness that you feel on your chest, yes that tightness you feel in your lungs, threatening your sanity and sometimes even your life may be pain felt for a good cause, but free yourself from it. You don’t have to go on in the deadness of your past and live as a prisoner of regret, and in constant sorrow. You can cry it out. It hurts so much. It never should have happed. It was wrong. You can cry it out.

Even if you can’t do any of these things…know that you are beautiful. Even if your thoughts keep racing, and depression keeps gnawing, panic attacks keep seizing your body into convulsions of half-consciousness —if your heart keeps sinking into your chest because you don’t know when the next uninvited trigger to your PTSD will take place, Or if you’ll ever offer anything worth a damned to society with all your incapacities, still accept you. You were created to be YOU. You are free to find wholeness in accepting all the missing parts.

Nothing is for naught.

Completely Uncensored,

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