Mornings with Jesus

Holy Spirit touches me with his comfort

Reassurance that I belong to him and am safe

Safe in his providence and lead by the still small voice within

How deep the Father’s love

My path has already been carved out by heaven

Angles surround me. I cannot be touched by schemes of the enemy

His word is written on my heart

Even if I wander he will be with me

I cannot go wrong

Thank you Jesus for the sunrise

For the way the sun rises in the East, and

Sets in the West

You have ordained ALL things

If you haven’t tried mornings with Jesus already, I encourage you to. There is something adventurous about taking time to meet with God at the break of dawn. His mercies feel so new and His voice so clear in the quiet stillness of wee hours of the morning. Thank you Lord for your mysterious love, and that way we can always have eyes of awe and wonder at your beauty. Amen.

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