Spill the Tea

The stark reality of the times has brought to my attention the fact that prayer is necessary as well as a space where people can unload any and all of heaviness they feel.

The joy of the Lord is our strength, for sure, but if your heart beats you feel something about the tension that exists in your mere attendance to the local grocery store. You feel something about the fact that many Americans and maybe even you don’t know when you’re going to return to work. You feel something about the fact that generations past have not seen anything like this. Not for a while. You feel something about the fact that each time you turn on the news, the death toll is still sky-rocketing, and just over a month ago, a good many of us were wondering if the media was hyping up this virus too much and making it out to be something it never should have been given the reputation for. Now you’re totally shattered at the jaw-dropping statistics.

If your heart beats, you’re taking this in. Maybe we’re not all taking it in at the same time, but so many things have changed. There’s no denying it.

Just think Can you stay in your home day after day completely devoid of the routine with which you grew so keenly acquainted, idle, amused, refreshed, and stir crazy all at once for much longer?

Are you grateful and simultaneously bored out of your mind, wondering how you can help, but not really sure you want to find out how much help people really need? I know that struggle. I am with you in this. We are rowing vigorously up the stream, fighting against an invisible enemy for which we were not even almost prepared. We are simultaneously being stretched in so many ways. We are learning to see past things our differences, politically, religiously, and in so many other regards. Man are we learning. I just hope it really lasts.

The Flavor of Our Tea:

If you’re interested, I’d like to challenge you to open up about what’s been difficult. You don’t have to. If you do, it will be the one thing that can make someone with your same struggle feel like someone is fighting alongside them, knee-deep in the same trenches, exhausted, afraid, bewildered. I just want us to really come alive as a community right now. What has hurt you? What has been too much?

Feel free to comment.

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