Federal Government Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic & The rise of Unemployment

Right now is a healthy time to stay informed about what is going on in the world by watching the news daily. It is also a good time to learn how a bill becomes a law if you do not already know. The current talk of the town is the recent passage of a rescue Bill in the Senate as a response to the slowing of our economy and plummeting employment rates throughout our country. The Bill establishes how tax-paying Americans will be issued money, (via mail or direct deposit) and how much. In addition it establishes how much money will be allotted to to businesses and unemployment funding.

Although the president has triumphantly announced the passage of the bill through the senate, which recently won the majority of it’s votes, the bill has still to be reviewed by members of Congress in order for the kinks to be ironed out. It must then be voted on a final time in the house and theSenate. From there the checks must be processed by the IRS, and will finally be distributed to citizens and corporations. That said, we are expecting these checks to take somewhere around three weeks to get into the pockets and bank accounts of Americans.

One thing to consider: No matter where you happen to stand on the political spectrum, is that presidents who were in office during times of crisis and war, have historically received significantly higher approval rates than when they were first elected, so we can very likely expect Trump to be re-elected into office for a second term.

News vs Fake News:

Our government has assured us that the likelihood of death by Coronavirus is limited almost exclusively to the elderly. Well, the British Broadcast Corporation (BBC) has been recently reporting increased cases of hospitalized COVID victims between the ages of 20 and 30 years old in Spain.

Our president has stated that he expects to end quarantine and social distancing practices and ordinances by Easter this year, however members of the WHO and CDC are torn on this decision as many of them have predicted a second wave of crises after we do in fact “flatten the curve”.

I encouraged you to follow sources that record how our progress on flattening the curve. You will notice interesting trends. One thing I have found most interesting is that the curve is flattening in certain parts of the country, but in others not so much, namely New York.

I love you all! If you’re wanting to boost your immune system, please drink plenty of water, orange juice, and tea.

When I am sick I enjoy some Herban C Tea by the Bulk Herb Store, or some lemon ginger tea (made from the plant ginger and the citrus fruit lemon).

Let’s not forget to abide in Christ:

I think this is a really critical time to pray and extend help to loved ones in any way possible. As someone who follows the news religiously during this world-changing time, my conclusion is that almost everyone in the world is unsure that they have any control over this deadly monster. From day to day, opinions fluctuate and death tolls rise.
This is especially a time to fear the Lord, and stay amongst believers that keep us encouraged, because I believe the casualties are only beginning as do certain members of the CDC.

Wash your hands. Stay safe. Maintain six feet from other humans in public. Pray!! ❤️

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