Down to Earth

I started a blog, not because I am perfect, but because I had a lot to say and nowhere to say it. I started a blog because I’ve been broken, bruised and shattered, and too many people needed to know they were not alone in the struggle. I started a blog because a version of Christ was presented to me that I felt was incomplete and what I knew to be true of his character could really build someone up. I figured it might heal someone. I didn’t have anyone in particular in mind, but someone, somewhere needed to know they are not alone.


It just so happened that the Lord was also pouring revelations into me that I felt were worth sharing with the world. I trembled in his presence and was overcome with the fear of the lord as I wrote these revelations down again and again. I then edited them, in search for wording that was clear, but captivating. I started a blog, because I knew that people wanted to hear about God but simultaneously want to be entertained and that’s a valid demand that I felt the need to fill. I knew that in my loneliness I often searched for online company and it was others’ writing that had previously comforted me. Perhaps I could play that same role, I figured. Perhaps I could meet that need. Perhaps I could add beauty to others’ lives and conviction at he same time, and teach that there is value in finding value beyond the daily 9-5. There is value in living a life where work is not just a means to an end, that never really ends, but winds up being a revolving cycle of exhaustion–a life where there is money but no real fulfillment or purpose. Life is what you make it, and God is definitively not boring. I wanted to live that truth and convince others not to be afraid to dream past the ordinary, and that being selfless doesn’t always look like Mother Teresa. Sometimes it just looks like taking a gift you already have and maximizing it, to the complete fullest.

I did not start writing a blog for my personal renown although partially for my personal fulfillment because “my bread is to do the work of the father (John 4:34).” I started a blog for you who is reading this in hopes that the Holy Spirit would speak to you. My heart has been crushed and laid bear before the Lord, and I know that I am his. I need him. I love him, and I want you to know that he heals.

“Is there no balm in Gilead is there no physician there?” Jeremiah 8:22

The Lord is like oil poured on our wounds. Remember the good Samaritan who poured oil on that poor man’s wound, and carried him the rest of the way to a local inn? He could not stay at the inn forever, but I can only imagine how much healing it brought him to stop by. Let this space be your inn. I am only about as good as a Samaritan. I am not a clergyman and I do not play a significant role in my community religiously speaking, but do happen to know that the Lord binds up wounds and somebody’s got to speak about it. I know that the Lord is salvation and nothing matters more than his name. That’s why I started a blog….. I started it for you.

With Love,

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