The most brilliant soul… God has a calling on her life and I know she’s going far!

Today I had the extreme pleasure of bonding over a cup of tea with my friend Briana Perez at Indy coffee. She’s just as sweet and inviting as she looks and is full of the Holy Spirit.

I’ve watched her come a long way. We share certain similarities such as having come from very broken households, and have both witnessed immense amounts of violence, but God has nonetheless proven himself faithful to us over and over, and has shown us that he makes his light shine out of darkness. For that, we know we have nothing to be afraid of.

Identity Crisis and other things we have in common:

Both of us have found ourselves being redefined. It is part of our flesh nature to be strong warriors, and drown ourselves into the concept of being part of “Gods army”. This is especially having coming from the trials and tribulations which we have come from. We’ve wrestled so hard with the concept of letting our guards down. How does one fight just to stay above the waters for so many years and then one day have God tell them not to ball their fists up anymore? “You’re safe now”. It just kind of stretches you, and pushes you out of your comfort zone into a greater submission to a God who is so deserving of it.

The Struggle to See Clearly

Poverty and abuse can warp anyone’s concept of the world and leave them guarded; even toward the Lord. We’ve both experienced his sweetness, protection and steadiness which has saved us from being so bitter, so stern, so wrapped in misery and has freed us from our bleak concepts of life.

My overall Gratitude and appreciation for her life:

I can say that I am blessed to know her. From the time I met her, I was drawn to her. I had this special sense that God had set her apart, as he has all of his children, but she posses a sort of uniqueness that allured me and left me feeling hungry for whatever aspect of God’s character he had left unique to her.

It is no mistake that we crossed paths in Chi Alpha Campus ministry at UTSA, because iron has sharpened iron in this friendship and both of us has been humbled. Both of us has seen Christ in the other person and been enriched by him. I’m so grateful for small moments with tea and cute little hipster coffee shops that give you a sense of inspiration and offer you an open space to be pensive. To reflect. To just take life in.

Healing and Self- Compassion

One thing that came up in our conversation today was the importance of healing. We both understand that healing means having boundaries and being willing to put oneself first when it’s necessary. In society, especially in the Christian world, all things having to do with selflessness are praised. The thing is however that Jesus did command us to keep the sabbath holy and remember to rest. He is our rest. We do not have to try and armor ourselves with a plan to save everyone in our reach. We cannot bind every wound and make all things whole. We just don’t have that capacity, and to acknowlege that and surrender is to be emptied of all fears. It is to be saved from something greater than just sin. It is to be saved from a murky revelation of Gods character. There’s no feeling like it. No healing like it. He is so loving.

To Briana From the Author: I love you girl and pray that you pursue all of your passions. If it is to write then write without inhibitions. If it is ministry, or teaching, or whatever it may be, do it without fear! I know that you are going to shake this world for his namesake. You were made for nothing less.

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