The reason for the season

I’m learning to slow myself down. This holiday season can feel chaotic at times to say the least but, it’s all exhaustion I’ve heaped on myself. I’m sort of a perfectionist, and in my mind, love means satisfying loved ones with the perfect gift, even on my slim budget which has been reduced down to such humble numbers, due to the casualties of life. Love is patient. So I need to begin by being patient with myself. I owe it to myself to remember the reason for the season.

Before anything else I’m challenging myself to sit down and enjoy the scriptures. Lately I’ve become a bit of a book worm and an intellectual, which has taken me away from the beauties of God’s word. The raw and unembellished purpose of this season is Christ himself. Sigh. Let me allow myself to get back to the fundamentals of scripture, even if it’s just allowing myself to chew on one verse per day and sort of meditate on it’s meanings, and how it connects back to God’s heart. I need to be connecting with my savior. It’s vital.

It’s no one wonder so many feel that Christmas is a pagan Holiday. There is nothing wrong with so much festivity, but can we challenge ourselves not to allow it to drown out how precious it is that Jesus came to save the world? I’m not a hypocrite. I like the centerpieces, garland, and fir trees. I love all the Holiday music and traditions. I just don’t want to loose sight of what it’s all about, because that’s where I find myself heading. I find myself heading down the loophole of the emptiness of being just an average American that stumbles into pitfall of tradition, with no real meaning…..

The Gospel is Peace

I’m no over-religious grinch lol. I don’t want to be mistaken as such by any means, and I’m so not perfect. I just my feel called to share my convictions, in order that we might all be encouraged and comforted. Our Lord is beautiful and Is the most precious aspect of this season. Let us not forget. The cross be lifted up everyday.

In other news…

May your days be merry and bright
Y’all cherish your families this season and drink plenty of egg nogg 🎄❤️

One response to “The reason for the season”

  1. So many beautiful reflections and reminders to be still and truly enjoy this season, loving and knowing our savior!
    Thank you Mauriel!


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