Holiday Reflections

First. The most important thing about his season is that it commemorates the coming of the Lord Jesus in the form of a child in a manger in humble Bethlehem. It is the climax of the year, and is interestingly a time when it is socially acceptable to sing songs about our Lord unaffectedly, and without fear of stigma. It’s the most happiest time of the year!

Homemade centerpiece with genuine fir

Lord, may my heart be ever burning for you just as it is this advent season. Even if the season shall come when it is reduced to but an ember, may it never be snuffed out. Amen.

Aside from the primary important purpose of this season, I thought I’d share with you all how wonderful my cozy little apartment turned out for Christmas this season even on my stiff budget. I love gathering any tiny little piece of charm and making it go a long way. Can you not tell?

Having my own taste in Christmas decor and beginning my own traditions makes me feel like my own woman. I feel so strong, and so firm in the Lord!

Thank you God for sending your only son through the virgin Mary.

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