The Truth shall set you free…

“The cultural air we breath is such a complex mash of ideas and beliefs that it is quite difficult to write about succinctly- suffice it to say that our culture is trying to hold on to the safety and freedom that a Christian society yields without acknowledging God and what He asks of us. By definition, teachings and ideas that are contrary to the Word of God are called heresies and our society is rife with them. It is one thing for our culture to embrace these heresies, but it is another thing entirely for the church to embrace them”

-Mary Gautreaux

There is a such thing absolute truth and I’m afraid that Christianity is becoming diluted with the concept that truth can be based on our own mortal opinions or fickle feelings. Goodness is not enough. After all it has been said time and time again that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, and when it comes down to it the human heart is all but good apart from Jesus Christ. This is why we cannot rely on our own goodness to enter in heaven.

When Jesus came he said that he was the way, the truth and the life leaving no room for anything else to sit on the thrown of either of those categories. He was explicit. You are either for him or against, him and there has never been an in between. This leaves a great deal of responsibility for believers.

I believe that this means none other than that we are to be unashamed and unapologetic about the truth that we believe. The gospel is good news and regardless of the fact of not wanting to offend people or put them to shame, Jesus Christ is coming back to judge the living and the dead. This demands action on our part. We must be grounded with our gaze fixed on Christ and our minds ever sober and aware of man’s sickness apart from Jesus. We must do this while also maintaining our consciousness of the mercy our Lord has toward this world that is passing away. It was while we were yet sinners that Christ died for us! But He did not die for the truth of God to be sugarcoated so that we might gain the praises of men who are considered noble in the eyes of secular society.

While everyone is staying “Woke” and constantly reminding themselves of rights which they have been denied and fighting for humanity and energy conservation, and other “good causes” our primary concern must be that Christ died to have the reward of his suffering, which is people. He did not die for intellectual debates about politics, theology and other causes that seem so great and pious to become increasingly complex and simply boost man’s concept of his own goodness. He died that we might be reconciled to our Father and enjoy him forever. He is Lord folks! We as Christians need to wake up to this. We cannot expect the world to drop their agendas and jump on par with eternity’s mission and salvation. The world is lost, and can only pursue vanity! It knows nothing else. But we on the other hand know better and have a responsibility to live our lives unto Christ for Christ’s sake.

Live out your purpose. Love people and share Christ’s love with him, because he is knocking on the door of their hearts. In revelation he says that he stand at the door and knocks, and that if anyone lets him in, he will eat with them and they with him . Selflessly serve mankind because that’s what our Lord came to do that we might know him, and do not be apologetic for disturbing the flow of the world. Love chooses the highest good of the object of it’s affection. What is better for us than Christ himself?

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