Reasons to Live For

Natalie pictured at Bakery Lorraine Posing over a Glass of Water

So let’s talk about my best friend! Natalie has been a beautiful unexpected best friend for over a year now.

How I stumbled upon her…

I had spent the night at the home of one of the sisters in my church for some one on one fellowship time and learned that she was working for her at her dental office not long after being introduced to her at dinner. We got to know each other a little at the dinner table and certainly did not click instantly. Her soft spirit in combination with my boldness seemed no match for one another, and our experiences in life and exposure to the world had been very different and so I had pegged her immature. Our conversation at the diner table had been quite entertaining for me, and for her not quite as much as she had determined in her heart that I was a bit outspoken for her taste. None of that really matters today because she has become a reason to live for.

Steady Through The Storms

We have been through so much from a car accident to hectic travel to another state, to ups and downs with guy issues. She has remained steady through each rainy day and is always full of sweetness and encouragement no matter how many ups and downs we face together. She is literally anyone’s ideal concept of a friend as she is generous, heartfelt and soft-spoken. Her greatest virtue I would probably say is her optimistic outlook on life, and willingness to always find the silver lining of a situation. Her most commonly said phrases are: “I love you” and “We’ll get through this.” If that’s not Christ, I don’t know what is.

A Southern Bell

Fun facts about Natalie include that she has the sweetest most subtle southern accent and was raised in a home-school family primarily in the planes of Kentucky. As a result of being raised in a house full of siblings, she is hard-working to the bone, selfless and has no preferences for the kind of person that she would prefer to call a friend. The main things is really just that you have to be genuine. I’ll tell you that Christ is the center of her life and she has taught me so much about just being a gentle woman of God. Praise God for every moment that she is has consoled my weary heart and whispered the Lord’s encouragement to me in the midst of every beautiful storm through which we’ve passed together. I will never regret this friendship.

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