Coffee And Avocado Toast For Our Last Moments

It’s so funny that at the beginning of this 2018-2019 academic year, we kicked off our relationship as roommates with a quick walk across the street from our apartments to a tiny little Hipster Coffee joint called Indy Coffee. It was sort of an awkward day. We were excited for the thrill of getting to know someone new, and for the first time in a long time, someone at our maturity level! We were also pretty embarrassed because our other two roommates, who were far more hip than us rejected our invitation. They didn’t do it very explicitly either. We were all going to walk together, and they both said “be right there” and never showed up. It felt just as crummy as it sounds but we made the most of it. Today we are full circle on our last day as roommates and we closed it off with a little date to Indy. It was such an exquisite feel to taste that fresh avocado on sourdough bread with poached eggs and feta crumbs. Oh and…let’s not forget our lattes. What an adventure with this doll!

Heather Briere has been one of the little pieces of gold that God has surprised me with as I’ve been faithful to remain on his path. He’s a good Father. Interestingly, I do not have any gripping stories of dramatic ups and downs with her as we have spent most of our time in love, laughter and just getting to know Jesus. We have pretty much agreed to each other’s taste in home decor and are both pretty gentle natured. Together we have been part of a ministry called “Christians on Campus” and that has been the center of our involvement at our University, our social lives, and our hearts. We also both love music, SNL and are just genuine people.

My favorite thing about Heather is that she is super corky and hilarious in unexpected ways. When you first meet her, she comes off as this really put-together mature, and busy-with-important-stuff woman. Underneath it all, she is really observant, perceptive and will have you cracking up when you least expect it! I cannot omit certain facts about her thoughtfulness. It has been an eventful semester. I was hospitalized three times for certain psychological imbalances that I battle, and on one of the occasions when I returned home from the hospital, Heather received me with the most intentional well-thought presents I could have asked for. I did not expect her to do these things, especially when I spent more time in my room this academic year than I should have. Moments that could have been spent making memories with her, were often spent babbling on the phone with other long-distance friends instead, wishing they were here. I do not always know how to invest equally in all my friendships, nevertheless she opened her heart and carried me through that storm. Yes, I have been well cherished.

And our story continues, except not under the same roof anymore. I have gotten stronger at saying goodbye, as I have learned to rest in the fact that there is one to whom it will never have to be said. Not only so, but we are growing up, and are ready for the next phase that God is bringing us into. We know that we will not have the comfort of each other when issues with roommates arise, along with other issues, but that was never promised to begin with, so why look back now?

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