A Real Talk with Rachel

This is Rachel. She is such a fierce lioness for Christ, full of strength, bravery, and the love of God.

Meet Rachel

Rachel Koshy was my roommate during my Sophomore year in college and is a dear friend who has walked closely with me in my early days when I was just a babe in the Lord. She has fought for my soul through tears, prayer, and just straight-forward exhortation. I am so pleased to know all that she has to say on the goodness of God.

Q1:  What stands out most to you about the character of God?

A: His forgiveness, and the way that He chose us even as sinners. You see its so easy to love others when they’re put together but the creator of the universe loves us and invites us to come as we are. But it is definitely not the push over kind of love where He says come as we are and leave as we are. He knows the moment we are in the presence of an almighty God who is already worthy of it all and once we encounter the God of the universe who sent His only son to die for the sins of mankind, we are transformed by the power of His Holy Spirit.

Q2: What has the Lord been teaching you most recently?

A: He is really teaching me to trust Him to provide. I am really known to plan my life and when things don’t go as planned I tend to want to take control of my own life. He is also teaching me to live out what I may preach to others. For example, I may encourage a friend not to be scared of what is ahead of her and there comes a situation in my life where I have to remember what I just told someone; that Jesus is faithful and He always comes through.

Q3: Why do you feel it is important to have companionships (close friendships) in the Lord?  

A: Revelation 12:11 “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

I believe that this is so true in the fact that we are able to conquer the devil in the name of Jesus, but when we confess His name and praise His name as a community, there we can strengthen one another. When we are able to hold His name as a banner, and plead His blood over the people who are our closest companions, to celebrate their victories, and to mourn with them, then the Lord is able to come through. Close friendships given by Jesus are truly there in life to enhance this journey, and for us to be able to encourage each other in Christ as we walk day by day in our God given purpose. Community is where our freedom lies.

Q4: What would you to say to the girls who are wondering if they will ever have close friendships or dependable friendships?

A: I would say to wait and the Lord will provide. He calls us into community. He never meant for us to live life alone. I remember when there was a certain point in my own life where my friends were one by one leaving my life because of my life style being changed to live for Christ. I did not go to certain places they went to, and the choices they made I had to say no to. Of course it felt lonely but the Lord provided community for me through ladies who built me up in
Christ and really saw the woman of God, Christ called me to be, and I am ever so grateful. The waiting is hard but trust me it is worth it.

Q5: What are you most afraid of?

A: My worst fears are failure and living an ordinary life. Failure is a fear the Lord is working on. It is part of the insecurity and the idea that I have to perform at a certain level to be accepted, but the Lord has been teaching me that there is no striving in His love. He has also been teaching me how it is to truly abide in Him like it says in John 15. My fear of living an ordinary life entails that one day I will start to chase my career, money or anything else that has no value at all, and place my identity in perishable things, and before I know it life flashes before me and everything that is meaningless consumes my life more than Jesus. I want to be able to live a life for Jesus and I pray that the Holy Spirit always reminds my heart of the one thing that is needed as Jesus told Martha: Luke 10:41-42 Luke 10:41-42 41 “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42 but few things are needed—or indeed only one.[a]Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” I want to spend my  entire life and being understanding the one thing that is needed- to live for Christ and live in adoration of Him.

Q6: What has been the sweetest thing about this season with the Lord?

This season with the Lord, I feel like He is reminding me of adoration. Simple yet deep, adoration of sitting at His feet and I am getting more time to learn more about it, just like Mary she sat at His feet and adored Him. All my life I can say I have seen the Lord provide for me and it has been mind blowing in every season. This last year I saw Him be my provider. It was once again beautiful because I started to walk in my purpose. To see both of these things collide was literally beautiful and humbling to say the least.

Q7: What have you taken away from the Lord arranging our friendship in particular? Wow. This one is a loaded question. When I came to UTSA and met Mauriel on a spring break mission trip of Spring 2015, little did I know where the Lord was taking both of us. I am so grateful that the Lord has put such a gem like you in my life. The wisdom you have from Christ is so profound. The way that you can dissect someones heart and be able to love them the way Christ would want them to be loved is breathtaking. You have been through so much in life yet that does not stop you at all from relentlessly giving your life to build Christ’s kingdom. You are a beautiful fierce woman of God and from this friendship you have called me out when I was not being real and challenged me to grow more in Christ. I told you this before: Coming in as your roommate, I had this pride that I knew mostly what it meant to be a Christian, but boy did you challenge that. You challenged me to live freely for Christ. No ifs ands or buts. No worries for what tomorrow holds for He holds our future. And I truly believe that the Lord took me from Dallas to San Antonio to enter into a deeper level of knowing Him, and He used you as a vessel and others to help me understand that my “yes” to Him meant living relentlessly for Him.

Q8: Is there anymore encouragement you have for girls?  

I would say to never compromise who you are in Christ for any human. This includes family, a guy who seems to be special to you, or a girl who is your best friend. The truth is that genuine relationships that are meant to build you up will come forth from the understanding of knowing who you are in Christ and these relationships will recognize that. Bonds are meant to strengthen you and anything toxic or anything that holds you back from being the person Christ called you to be needs to go. Ask God for discernment on when to let go. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t have the joy of the Lord. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful. You are bought with a price; by the blood of Jesus. Smile and be the Woman of God you are called to be. Turn this world upside down for Him!

To Rachel from the Author: Rachel you are beautiful. Thank you for never compromising the truth for the praises of men, or sugarcoating the word of God. Our friendship has meant so much to me! So much gratitude for you, you lioness! I wish you all the best in ministry.

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